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State 4-wall Singles & Doubles Results - 2009

MHA State 4-Wall Singles Tournament
Michigan Athletic Club (The MAC), East Lansing, April 4,2009

Open Pete Hanover -- Lansing
Golden Masters Steve Fase -- Rockford
Super Masters Larry Price -- Ann Arbor
Diamond Masters Bob Plater -- Detroit
"B" Matthew Paul-- Lansing
"C" Sketter Kittle-- Lansing
Youth Dylan Graham -- Ann Arbor

MHA State Doubles 4-Wall Handball Tournament
Held at the Genesys Athletic Club, February 21, 2009

OPEN DOUBLES Pete Dembeck/ Dave Oliver
GOLDEN MASTERS Joe Ivy / John Early
SUPER MASTERS Jim Lowe / Rick Graham
DIAMOND MASTERS Norm Young / Carl Porter
B DOUBLES Rick Leonard / Clark Forward

Details: MHA State 4-Wall Singles Tournament

The Open: Pete Hanover made it to the finals of Michigan's most prestigious singles tournament for the seventh consecutive year -- an amazing accomplishment. And, he won for the third time, defeating Pete Brown in the final. Hanover had his game in high gear against Brown, holding him to 16 and 5 points. Brown, Michigan's all-time most proflic winner with 12 state-open titles, although hitting the ball very hard most of the time, just could not score against Hanover's defense. The small crowd of fans witnessed a great match!
Quarter Finals: Pat Oliver (Detroit) d, Craig Sickmiller (Detroit) in a tie-breaker.
Semi Finals: Pete Hanover (Lansing) d. Pat Oliver 3,5; Pete Brown (Detroit) d. Mike Fagan (Lansing) injury default.
Finals: Hanover d. Brown 16,5.

Golden Masters (50+): Steve Fase, playing fantastic handball, dominated this division with wins over Ed Kulka, Joe Ivy and defending champion Garyt Dahl. Steve has amazing shot-making skills and defensive savvy, accompanied by a gentlemanly demeanor.

Quarter Finals: Jim LaFleur (Saginaw) d. Tom Fabbri (Detroit) 11,12; Joe Ivy (Detroit) d. Ed Green (Detroit) 11,5; Steve Fase (Rockford) d. Ed Kulka (Ann Arbor) 12,16.
Semi Finals: Garyt Dahl (Lansing) d. LaFleur 6,3; Fase d. Ivy 13,8.
Finals: Fase d. Dahl 13,6.

Super Masters (60+): This was a strong group of eight competitors. Defending champion Norm Young had his hands full with the likes of Rick Graham and newly-qualified Larry Price in the field. Price, long a top state contender, demonstrated his expertise, convincingly, in winning the title.

Quarter Finals: Norm Young (Lansing) d. Tom Mudd (Saginaw) 9,5; Larry Price (Ann Arbor) d. P.K. Sims II (Detroit) 12,12; Rick Graham (Ann Arbor) d. James Moore (Wyoming) 2,5; Carl Valentino (Lansing) d. Charlie Doyle (Flint) 4,2.
Semi Finals: Price d. Young 5,5; Graham d. Valentino 5,5.
Finals: Price d. Graham 14,12..

Deamond Masters (70+): Only three competed for this title, each bringing much experience into the event. Bob Plater came out on top in a round-robin format, winning both of his matches. David Dodds split his two matches, taking second. Carl Porter took third.

Round Robin: Bob Plater (Detroit) d. David Dodds (Flint) (9),8,2;
Dodds d. Carl Porter (Lansing) 12,7;
Plater d. Porter 8,12


"B": Matthew Paul rose above a tough pack in this field of nine, playing outstanding handball.

Preliminary: Karl Hanover (Lansing) d. Christofer Kerby 7,9.
Quarter Finals: P.K. Sims II (Detroit) d. Hanover 11,(16),5; Jeff Kanake (Lansing) d. Damon Valentino (Lansing) 2,5; Dale Chimenti (Detroit) d. Simon Hanover (Lansing) (12),20,6; Matthew Paul (Lansing) d. Eric Joneson (Lansing) 3,3.
Semi Finals: Kanake d. Sims 12,17; Paul d. Chimenti 6,3.
Finals: Paul d. Kanake 12,7.

"C": Sketter Kittle excelled in this group of ten, determined runners.

Preliminary: Andrew Rockwell d. Marwan Nashel 16,5; Sketter Kittle (Lansing) d. Anthony Guarnaccia 3,14.
Quarter Finals: Charlie Doyle (Flint) d. Rockwell 13,10; Tom Pritchard (Lansing) d. Joe Green (Detroit) 7,13; Roger Drummond (Detroit) d. Rob Graham (Ann Arbor) 6,1; Kittle d. DavidDodds (Flint) (19),9,7.
Semi Finals: Pritchard d. Doyle (20),4,4; Kittle d. Drummond 14,19.
Finals: Kittle d. Pritchard (15),14,5.


Youth Singles: Five young, excited athletes had much fun in this hotly contested draw, with Dylan Graham outlasting them all.

Preliminary: Tyler Sickmiller (Detroit) d. Clayton Schulenberg 10,2.
Semi Finals: Dylan Graham (Ann Arbor) d. Sickmiller 8,14; Max Fgan (Lansing) d. Emmet Kulka (Ann Arbor) 13,8.
Finals: Graham d. Fagan 13,13.

Thanks to:
Norm Young, Carl Valentino, Mike Stock, Keith Thode, Carl Porter, Dick Sheldon and the Michigan Athletic Club (MAC) members and staff! Great hosts, great facility, great time!
Submitted by: Robert Plater
Details: MHA State Doubles 4-Wall Handball Tournament


Six teams competed for the most desired doubles title in Michigan. The competition was intense; but one man, Pete Dembeck, was not to be denied. Dembeck did everything just a little bit better than everyone else and led his team to the Open championship. Dembeck's partner, Dave Oliver, helped out with steady front/right court play. Dave's nephew, Pat Oliver, who recently had arthroscopic surgery to repair a knee problem, was slightly off his game in the finals, partially because Dembeck was forcing tough returns. Pat Myers was excellent on defense, getting to "ungetable" shots. But, Dembeck stood out, playing amazing handball. Incidentally, this was Dave Oliver's 14th MHA Open 4-Wall Doubles title, tying him with Joe Ivy for the most wins.

First Round: Marty Clemens (Nashville,IN)/Tom Clemens (Saginaw) d. Ted Grammatico/George Goodman (Ann Arbor) 4,9; Mike Fagan/Pete Hanover (Lansing) d. Matt Paul/Ed Kulka (Ann Arbor) 5,12.
Semi Finals: Pat Oliver/Pat Myers (Detroit/Flint) d. Clemens/Clemens 15,10; Pete Dembeck/Dave Oliver (Detroit) d. Fagan/Hanover 18,12.
Finals: Dembeck/D.Oliver d. Myers/P.Oliver 10,11 _______________________________________________


The 50+ division had four, evenly-matched teams, the outcome of each match not known until the final point was made. Tom Fabbri's back-wall shot mastery led the way in the first game of the championship match, aided by Rick Howe's consistent sharp shooting. In the second game, Joe Ivy, who struggled in the first game, rebounded to a higher level, whcih gave his partner, John Early, a chance to play "his game" (hard-hitting corner "kills" and ceiling shots). The tie-breaker went to Ivy and Early, both playing their best against tired opponents.

Semi Finals: Joe Ivy/John Early (Detroit) d. Mark Casey/Ed Green (Detroit) 19,15; Rick Howe/Tom Fabbri (Detroit) d. Garyt Dahl/Jim LaFleur (Lansing/Saginaw) 10,(15),2.

Final: Ivy/Early d. Howe/Fabbri (5),13,4.


A "Super" team won the super masters (60+) as Jim Lowe and Rick Graham added to their huge collection of doubles championship trophies. No team got more than 11 points in any game against this awesome duo.

Semi Finals: Jim Lowe/Rick Graham (Temperance/Ann Arbor) d. Dave Dodds/Pat Murphy (Flint) 8,3; Larry Price/Tom Michael (Ann Arbor/Detroit) d. P.K.Sims/Jim McGurk (Detroit) 11,8.

Finals: Lowe/Graham d. Price/Michael 9,11.


Only two teams participated. Norm Young had too many good shots, making the difference in the 70+ field..
Finals: Norm Young/Carl Porter (Lansing) d. Harvey Braun/Bob Plater (Detroit) 9,11.

B Doubles

Only four teams competed in the B Doubles this year. Rick Leonard and Clark Forward prevailed, winning a tough, 3-gme final over Bill Sidebottom, Jr. and Glen Williams..

Semi Finals: Bill Sidebottom, Jr./Glen Wiliams (Detroit) d. P.K.Sims/Jim McGurk (Detroit) 17,1; Rick Leonard/Clark Forward (Ann Arbor) d. Eric Joneson/Karl Hanover (Lansing) 14,7.
Final: Leonard/Forward d. Sidebottom/Williams 14,(5),6


Braun/Plater outlasted the field in this one (some teams left without playing) defeating Dodds/Murphy (19),15,5.

Thanks to Dale Chimenti for negotiating with Genesys to gain the use of their fantastic sports and fitness venue for our tournament. Also, thanks to John Schandevel and Bill Cantwell, along with Dale, for all the work they put into our MHA. The players were very appreciative of the generous food voucher given each of them to spend at the facilitiy's restaurant. Thanks to Pat Myers, Art Pruitt, Hugh Armbruster, Gary Nehring and Bob Colles (the best to your son) for helping make the tournament run smoothly, and to the Genesys Athletic Club and their members for bearing with us on a very busy day in which every parking space in their huge lot was occupied.
Article by Bob Plater

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