Friday, September 11, 2009

Belle Isle "Albatross" A-B Doubles Tournament

Ted Grammatico [left] and partner Ed Taylor [right]
in finals match with winners Pete Dembeck and Mike Froehlich.

[click Pictures for larger views]

Winners of Consolations Warren McAlpine [center] Jim O'Donnell
[right] vs
Dan Costello [left] and Don Colone [front court].

Special thanks Bob Kozak, Carl Harlow, Ken Luchkowitz, Tom O,Brien & Glenn Paraskevin for their help in making this a success.

Thanks to this year's Sponsor:

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
"Motorvation Drive" Car Donation Program

Organized and Directed by the
"Belle Isle Handball Commissioner" Bob Kozak

Pairings: Click Chart for Larger View.

Sat. Sept. 19, 2009.

$20 Entry fee.

Food and Drink provided.

Open to players of all strengths -- Teams are matched up to equalize strengths.

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