Saturday, January 2, 2010

Singles League @ LA Fitness Forming - You're Invited

This is a pass along. This will be a strength-conscious set up so players of all levels will find equal challenge. Sign up as a regular or sub.
Dear Handballers,

Interest in a singles league has been high. Below please find the list of players currently signed up to play.

1) Mark Casey
2) Larry Jacobs
3) Ed Green
4) Bob Plater
5) Bob Kozak
6) Carl Harlow
7) Dale Chimenti
8) Dan Blake
9) Barry Doan
10)John Schandeval
11)Glenn Paraskevin
12)Lowell Boileau
13)Nick Boileau
14)Dennis Hannon
15)Stuart Shevin
16)Dan Costello

1) Bill Cantwell

My goal is to create 3 six team divisions with inter-divisional play. Divisions will be based on relative skill levels and parity will be achieved through a handicapping system. Matches will be individually scheduled on a once a week basis with Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings at LA Fitness being the informal playing start times. The responsibility to schedule and play matches are up to the players.

If you would like to play as a regular or sub please call or e-mail me.

Dan Costello

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