Monday, April 25, 2011

Howe/Early & Shevin/Palazzo top LA Fitness Doubles Leagues

In an era where piped in noisemakers and made for tv sporting events dominate, it was refreshing to attend this seasons LA fitness doubles finals last Wednesday. Imagine this - Twenty five people attentively watching - alternating between oohing and aahing the plays and players on the court, and warmly cheering on all of the contestants. It was real, it was exciting - the power of real life drama -scenes like this illustrate the powerful and unique way handball connects people. What a great sport we choose to play. Truely handball is the "perfect game".

A Division:
Champion: John Early\Rick Howe
Runner-up: Mike Piccolo\Glenn Paraskevin

Early\Howe won the A final in a fierce match that featured great left court play by both Rick Howe and Mike Piccolo and the punishing right hand of John Early.

B Division:
Champion: Stewart Shevin\ John Palazzo
Runner-up: Bob Hilsinger\Chuck Ferro

The team of Shevin and Palazzo are the new LA Fitness B Champions. They foiled last seasons division champions Hilsinger\Ferro quest to repeat by defeating them 2 games to 0. This match featured two up and comers in the league Stewart Shevin and Chuck Ferro who both played extremely well in both the semifinals and finals.

Thank you to all of the league handball players for competing this season. To all our injured comrades -heal quickly - and let me know where you are hurting. Hope to see you all on the courts soon.

End of season party -- Many thanks to Tim Newhouse for making our end of year party such a rousing success. 30 people attended this years dinner, many great shots were recalled, past players were remembered; all had a great time.

Outdoor season is now upon us - handball Belle Isle - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4pm - 7:30pm - please join us.

Dan Costello

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