Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Freezing" your LA Fitness Membership for the Summer

As I recently froze my LA Fitness membership for the summer I thought I would share the policy I learned about as so many of us are now members.
  • You may freeze your membership, thus avoiding paying another initiation fee, by agreeing to pay a $10 per month holding fee during the freeze.

  • Requests to freeze your account must be made 10 or more days prior to next payment. Otherwise you must make full payment for the next month and the freeze will begin after that paid period.

  • Your membership will remain active until the end of the period for which you are currently fully paid.

  • You may un-freeze your account at anytime.

  • Payment will then be pro-rated for the time from which you un-freeze your account until the start of your next monthly full-payment date.
So save some money, maybe buy some new balls, [hint, hint] and I will see you on the island.

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