Friday, June 24, 2011

SCS Handball-Racketball Treaty + Belle Isle Schedule

Attached hereto is the 2011 schedule for the outdoor courts in St. Clair Shores. This schedule of court use was agreed to by the Handball Committee, the Raquetball Committee, and the St. Clair Shores Recreation Department. Any questions should be directed to Chris Monsour.

- MHA via Patrick Cantwell

Belle Isle Summer 3-Wall Guide

Play is very informal and friendly, yet still competitive, on Belle Isle with the goal of encouraging all, especially new players, but some protocols have evolved.
  • Players gather on Monday - Wednesday - Friday's starting at 4 PM*.
  • No reservations required. Show up and you play in order of arrival.
  • Doubles has precedence over Singles when players are waiting. But there are usually plenty of courts in back if singles is a must.
  • Player strengths vary from newbie to top notch, so there is an effort made to balance doubles teams and include all.
  • Winners of matches hold court, next pair in line play them.
  • Drinking fountain is inconsistent so you are advised to bring your own fluids.
  • After match 'fluids' are common so pencil in some time for a drink and some natter.
  • Racquetball player gather on Tuesday & Thursdays afternoons. We have good relations with them and our unspoken treaty is that if we play on those days we cede the front courts to them and they to us on our days.
*Play often occurs on Saturdays and Sunday mornings but those are usual word-of-mouth gatherings.

Come and join us. All are welcome.


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