Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A few words to thank Bill Cantwell for his long-time contributions to the Michigan Handball Association....

It recently occurred to me that both John Schandevel and myself receive many thanks and the gratitude of so many of our members for whatever we do as officers in the MHA and that it is really Bill who works very quietly and truly without a thought to the receipt of any accolades.

I give lip service to the idea that ours is strictly philanthropic and while I outwardly shun the many thanks I receive, I quietly enjoy the affection and respect I am so fortunate to enjoy. Yet, it is Bill who has been here the longest, who is so busy with his CPA practice, who just gets the work done without any solicitation.

Bill has been on the Board of Directors for over 24 years. Through every administration, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to the Michigan Handball Association and while one may question just how much work there is, trust that there's plenty. Administrating 4 tournaments a year is work.

And there is so much more. (It should be known that Bill is also our business manager) While Bill is compensated for the public accounting needs of our Association, trust that his work outside of those duties is sometimes overwhelming and far exceeds the scope of his duties as business manager.

It is Bill who really is unwavering in his work ethic and is always there. We are always on the phone or sending him an email inquiring as to the status of a myriad of issues...and it always gets done. Often, I operate in the shadow of his contributions and through his efforts, made to look so good. In those moments when I consider stepping down, I remember just how long he has been there. I am grateful for his always being there as a peer and friend.

If you agree, take a moment next time you see or speak to him and offer your thanks.

Dale Chimenti
Vice President
Michigan Handball Association

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