Sunday, April 8, 2012

John Schandevel

MHA President John Schandevel suffered a stroke Wednesday evening. John was warming up at LA Fitness in Troy and having some difficulty with his eyesight and was feeling dizzy. Thanks to the quick intervention by Bob Hilsinger, Tony Stachurski and Kevin McGivern, John was immediately driven over to the hospital.

While in the ER John suffered the stroke and hospital staff were able to attend to him right away. The prognosis for John’s recovery is good, but he will have several months of therapy ahead of him.

We all wish John a complete and speedy recovery.

UPDATE: Tuesday May 8
MHA President John Schandevel is now continuing his rehabilitation from his recent stroke at Woodward Hills located at 39312 Woodward Avenue Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 (248) 205-3573.

John’s wife Marcia says that John is feeling much better and progressing well and he seems quite encouraged. He would very much welcome his handball buddies to visit when possible. If he is not in his room, chances are they would find him in the gym where they are welcomed to observe his hard work and its results.

We wish John continued progress and are keeping him in our thoughts.


UPDATE: Monday, April 9
John is no longer in intensive care, but he remains in the hospital. John has lost the use of his left side, but his speech and eye sight are normal.

He will have to be transferred to a rehabilitation facility for therapy to re-learn how to use his left side.
Please keep John in your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you informed of his progress and will let you know when John feels up to having visitors.


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