Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Michigan 2012 State 3-Wall Tournament Results

State Open Singles:

With 14 very talented players in the Open Singles, it had to be, and was, a
great event on Belle Isle, August 11 & 12, 2012!

Pete Dembeck, twice a runner-up in this tournament, played brilliantly
throughout, including in the championship match, where the very highly regarded
Matt Osburn, of Maumee, Ohio, although fighting valiantly, could not match the
ferocious, two-handed, relentless attack of Dembeck.

Dembeck wins his first Open Singles 3-Wall Championship, utilizing great corner kills , power drives
along the side walls, amazing "gets" and exceptional stamina!

Other exceptional matches in the Open were Matt Osburn over Jim Karner, in which
Matt trailed Karner in a tie-breaker,   4-10, and pulled it out.  Also, Rick
Leonard was badly beaten in  a fantastic performance by Pat Oliver in their
first game, but managed to reverse the roles, and win the match.  Also, Dembeck
over Thomas, Osburn over Williams, and Karner over Paul were good matches.

"A" Singles:

Players defeated in the first round of the Open Singles were placed into another
event called the "A" Singles.

Bill Sidebottom was the winner of this event, defeating Rob Louis-Ferdinand in
the final. John Friedrich from Columbus beat Marty Clemens in the A and was
playing Bill Sidebottom Jr., had lost the first game, was beating Billy in the
2nd game before he took an injury default.

B Singles:

Jason Block from Lansing area defeated a tough Nic Boileau.

Super Singles (60+):

This was a tough division:  Green, Thode, Graham, Price, Valentino, Sims,
Murray, Lowe - all legitimate contenders.

But, Glenn Paraskevin proved to be the best by a good margin.  Valentino, Lowe
and, in the final,  last year's winner, Green, all were overpowered by Glenn's
relentless power serves and power drives.  No contest!

Diamond Singles (70+):

Norman Young, once again, wins this event.  Bill Sidebottom Sr., second!

A huge thank you to Dale Chimenti for taking over all of the cooking and
hospitality responsibilities together with Robert Louis Ferdinand.

Our gratitude and thank you to Rick Leonard for his financial support with this

Thanks again to  Bill Cantwell for his time in creating the draw, organizing the
tournament, and running the show....

And  thanks to PK Sims, Ed Green Joe Ivy for their assistance on-site.

Thanks to Bob Plater for this report.

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